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DYOR - Luxe Beige Suede Trucker Cap - Limited Edition

DYOR - Luxe Beige Suede Trucker Cap - Limited Edition

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This cap features a luxe beige suede front paired with a contrasting black mesh back, detailed inner tapes, woven labels and 3D embroidery, every detail is crafted with quality and design in mind. Our signature mystic DT signature logo reppin on the side and the stylish curved brim for the finesse, and the fit? Snug as a glove. 👌

What's DYOR? Do Your Own Research: DYOR – The hustle mantra, not just for the crypto game, but for any game - gambling, sports, you name it. The vibe is all about knowing your play before you go all in. Make sure you've done your homework.

Crafted With Quality

  • This exclusive collection offers a choice between a luxe Suede front or a Premium Cotton front
  • Contrasting Mesh breathable Back
  • Premium Cotton Inner Tapes for Enhanced Comfort
  • Woven labels

Driven by Style

  • 3D Embroidery
  • Curved Brim
  • Snug Fit for Maximum Comfort

United by Community

  • Connect with Like-minded Individuals
  • Join the mailing list and we will give you access to our Discord
  • Talk Crypto, Memes, NFT, Sports, Gaming, Gambling etc


Embrace the Exclusivity

Each limited edition cap carries a unique flair - special woven labels, exclusive tags, and a subtle enhancement to our signature logo to flex the exclusivity. It's all in the details with D3G3N Threads.

Limited to this release. Once they're gone, they're gone 🚀

Curious? You'll have to get your hands on one to find

Crypto Payments Accepted

Yes, that's right! We don't just talk it, we live it. The following Crypto payments are accepted, powered by - Bitcoin, Etherium, USDC, Litecoin, Dogecoin + more to be added on!

  • AUS to the world - We ship globally!
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